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Q. What is the expected lifespan of my pressed flower frames? 

A. As long as you avoid exposing them to sunlight and moisture, and adhere to our care guidelines, they can last for several years. Due to their organic nature, some fading of colours may occur over time, but they will retain their natural beauty. Tiny pieces of the flowers can detach over time, so please handle the frames delicately and with care to preserve their excellent condition.

Q. Can I expect my flowers to retain their original appearance once they have been pressed?

A. Due to the natural variability of flowers, some may appear unchanged while others may undergo a significant transformation during the pressing process. Other factors that influence this include the initial condition of the flowers, their freshness, and any chemicals or pesticides used. We employ various methods to achieve optimal results, but we do not artificially enhance the colour of our wedding flowers.






Q. What is the best way to hang my frame?  

A. Our frames are constructed using acrylic sheets and pine wood, making them relatively light. To hang your frame, we suggest using a strong hook or nail. We advise against using wall strips as they may not be secure, and if the frame falls, it could disturb the flowers. Alternatively, our frames can also stand on their own if you prefer that method.

Q. Will I be able to contribute to the design process?

A. By using our services, you are entrusting us with our design expertise and allowing us complete creative freedom. We do not offer draft approvals, so the next time you see your design will be when it is finished. However, we will take into consideration any design preferences you share with us when you book our services.

Q. Which flowers are ideal for pressing?

A. Cosmos, Poppies, Delphinium, Larkspur, Pansies, Wattle foliage, Babies breathe, Misty, Roses, Dahlias and Orchids. These are only a few of our top picks, yet there are countless others as well.

Q. Which flowers are not appropriate for pressing?

A. This includes native, thick, and woody flowers, as well as proteas,  billy buttons, scabiosa pods, chrysanthemums and some tropical flowers.

Q. What if I have an all-white bouquet?

A. If you prefer an all-white bouquet and also want a personalised frame from us, there are a few things to consider. Keep in mind that each white flower dries in its unique shade, with some retaining more yellow, ivory, or brown tones. Therefore, even if your bouquet is entirely white, your frame may not be. Additionally, it is important to note that white flowers tend to turn brown in 95% of cases. Although we do our best to prevent this, some browning is natural.

Image by Ömürden Cengiz

Q. Do you have the capability to handle air-dried flowers? 

A. Unfortunately, we can only work with fresh flowers and not with ones that are already dried as they're too brittle.

Q. Do you cover all of Australia? 

A. Absolutely. We offer shipping instructions that contain all the necessary information once your reservation is confirmed, to guarantee that they are delivered in excellent condition. 

Q. Where is your location? 

A. Sweetpea flora &gift is located in Brisbane. If you are also in Brisbane, you can bring your flowers to our location, which can be scheduled once your reservation is confirmed. 

Q. Can I have the rest of flowers back

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to store or return any remaining flowers as we do not have the capacity.

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